The Bird’s Nest

Finis.  Finally.


After several starts, I knit the final stitch on the Bird’s Nest Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s book Folk Shawls.


You can see mine is a little worn.  Sticker residue from the clearance table sticker, and edges a little roughed up.  It is my goal to knit each shawl twice.  I bought this and started my first shawl as I just learned to knit and purl.  It is divided up by country or region.


The Bird’s Nest is my fifth shawl from the book to knit.  It is the only one under The Himalayas section.  I have also knitted the the Native American Butterfly Shawl sans the fringe, and the three found in The American Heartland section.  I learn something new with every shawl.

Don’t tell anyone, but I never swatch.  I know, that is bad, but does a shawl really need it?  My other bad habit, while I’m confessing, is I never buy the recommended yarn, and even worse, rarely the recommended weight.  I know, that portends a really bad recipe, but so far, I have loved every one.  I think the recipients do too.


The Bird’s Nest was knitted with KnitPicks’ Comfy yarn in Peapod.  It is a cotton blend that is so soft and light.

A hand knitted shawl is a wonderful way to wrap someone in a hug of love and prayers.