Balancing Energy

(c) Aromatics Int'l

(c) Aromatics Int’l

Do you ever have those days when you feel really out of sorts?  Unbalanced or disoriented?  As if the day and you just don’t fit together.

I created this blend to fulfill an assignment in my Aromatherapy Certification Program at Aromahead Institute.*  This is my favorite blend of all that I’ve had to make so far.  I love to spray this on my pillow and sheets at night and if the day seems off, I spray it on myself or even around the room.  It is long lasting and so soothing.

The base of this blend is Sweet Grass hyrdrosol.  By itself, it is a mild scent.  Sweet Grass hydrosol is grounding and balancing.  This blend is at 2% so if you intend to use around children cut the essential oils in half or double the amount of hydrosol.  Do not spray directly on infants or children.

Let me share why I’ve chosen these essential oils for this blend.  Idaho Blue Spruce, which is a Young Living* brand, is a monoterpene rich oil.  It is known to be grounding, inhibit candida, anti-inflammatory, and stimulate the thymus and adrenal glands to name a few properties associated with this lovely oil.

Black spruce is another monoterpene rich oil that is considered to be calming, reduce pain, and be emotionally supportive.  I just love evergreen oils; they take me right into the mountains.

Geranium is known as anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant oil, fosters a sense of security and stability and is monoterpenol rich.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, another Young Living* brand oil, although you can find non-YL brand sandalwood from Hawaii as well, is a beautiful essential oil.  It is a sesquiterpenol rich oil that can support inner unity, quiet mental activity (which is helpful at night), anti-inflammatory, and help calm the central nervous system.  Sandalwood is another of my favorite scents; it seems to be spiritually enhancing to me.

Rock Rose or Cistus, is another monoterpene rich oil that lends support the adrenal glands, help with emotionally caused insomnia or fear and is known for anti-inflammatory properties.

Soothing Linen Spray
Blend into 1 oz of Sweet Grass hydrosol:

3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce Picea pungens
3 drops Black Spruce Picea mariana
1 drop Geranium Pelargonium roseum x asperum
2 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum
3 drops Rock Rose Cistus labdanum

Cap with a finger-tip mister and shake before each use.
©Amy Bain 2015

Remember essential oils do not mix in water, so you must shake before each use or add a dispersant to the blend to keep the essential oils mixed in.

If you make up this recipe, let me know how well you like it.  If you share it, please give credit where credit is due.  This is my own creation so please link back to this post when sharing and keep copyright information intact when printing or otherwise sharing.  This recipe is intended for personal use only, not for resale or distribution.

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Disclaimer:  This information is for educational purposes alone.  It is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any diseases or conditions.  Be sure to consult your health care provider for more information.  You alone are responsible for your health.  Do your own research, don’t just take my word for it.

*Young Living is a registered trademark and does not endorse this blog or blogger.  I received no compensation of any kind from them for mentioning or using their products.  This goes for Aromahead Institute as well.  I am not a certified aromatherapist, only a student.