Dressy Flowers

I like to sew.  I am not a profound seamstress.  I learned to sew from a teacher I worked with in northern (really northern) California.  She was ever so patient with me.  Once I got the hang of it, I sewed for my then little girl, making us matching Easter outfits every year, and her lots of jumpers and dresses.  So this pattern has been in my sewing box for a long time.


I have another little girl that is just the right size.  So, I dug it out again and made this little dress with some clearance fabric from JoAnn’s.


With matching shorts (or bloomers) since the wearer of this dress is quite active and busy.


I entered the outfit in the county fair, but the “competition was stiff” and I didn’t get a ribbon.  That’s alright.  The flowers are so cheery and the dress so flowery; it sparks joy.

Joy On the Journey,